Perfect Chess Database

퍼블리셔: Michael Bartl
가격: 6.82 USD

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앱 설명

Perfect Chess Database is a new operating system independent chess database
Key Features:
- own chess database format (small & fast)
- full PGN support
- small database included (4000 games)
- big database (1,4 million games) can be downloaded from within the app (note that the download is 340MB and the extracted files are 717MB, so be sure to have enough space on your SD card
- new/open/delete databases
- new games / new positions
- edit games
- add comments and symbols (!, ?, +-, ...)
- add colored squares and arrows
- search games by player, elo, event, site, position, material, ...
- create and view opening books from databases
- download the latest issues of TWIC
- Stockfish engine included for analysis
The PC version of PCDB can be found here:

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