ORANGE Time Management - based on Pomodoro Technique

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앱 설명

Done is the new to do! The fastest way to get more leisure time is by getting your things done.
Your time management system isn't working for you? Tired of all the typical to-do lists? Trying hard to focus on a task without losing the balance between working time and breaks?
Try ORANGE time management. It draws on the Pomodoro Technique but gives you much more freedom to solve your tasks in your own work flow. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method, which divides your work into equal intervals (usually 25 minutes in length), followed by short breaks. The idea of this method was to organize a work structure, which would improve mental skills.
Each work unit lasts 25 minutes and is called ORANGE. After every ORANGE of concentrated work you can take a 5 minutes break. Four ORANGES end up in a longer break of 30 minutes.
• clear, well structured design
• easy handling
• statistics showing how many ORANGES you've completed during a day and how many you've completed altogether
Get a Pro version to use following additional options:
• archive
• option of changing unit and break durations
• sound settings
• statistics showing
- how long one unit took
- how long it took for you to complete a whole task

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