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앱 설명

(1) Introduction: One of the most difficult things in learning the correct use of each preposition lies in its diverse uses depending on contexts. Most people try to learn prepositions by looking up a dictionary every time they come across anything unknown, which helps them visualise the fundamental image of each preposition eventually. This app, however, introduces you a more aggressive approach to master various uses of prepositions.
In Classifying Part, we show you the core meanings of main 48 prepositions in Japanese with figures/illustrations. We also explain the derived uses of prepositions by clarifying links with the core meanings. This means that you can first have the core image of prepositions without waiting for the image to be built little by little. We give you example sentences and explanations to help you understand a variety of uses based on the core meaning.
You can master prepositions in Questions Part because there are 1000 questions for the main 48 prepositions including 300 different uses. As you may know, many idioms have prepositions, and we explain the use of them every time you see an idiom in this app, which will help you to develop the core image.
(2) Components of This App: This app is composed of Classifying Part and Questions Part. In Classifying Part, based on 48 prepositions there are four sections as,
• core meanings and illustrations
• list of uses
• various uses
• example sentences
In Classifying Part, you should first learn the “core meanings and illustrations”, and then, you can check all the different uses of the preposition in the “list of uses”. If you touch the “various uses” icon, you can see the explanation of uses, and if you want to see the example sentences, touch the “example sentences” icon.
In Questions Part, there are three levels: “basic”, ”intermediate”, and ”advanced”, which have 10 chapters in all comprising 100 questions each, therefore 1000 questions in total. Prepositions have spatial, temporal, and abstract meanings. You will learn spatial and temporal meanings in the “basic” and abstract meanings in the “intermediate” level. You will have more difficult questions at the level of university entrance exams in the ‘advanced’ section.
(3) Functions of This App
Auto-save: Your answers in Questions Part are automatically saved. You can start from where you finished last, or you can also save the progress in one chapter and try other chapters.
Reset: This App has a reset button. If you click it, all the answers in the chapter will be deleted, and you can start over again.
Working on Wrong Answers: You can focus on the questions which you answered wrong until you get correct answers.
Accomplishment Rate: You will get the accomplishment rate at each level.
Questions Form: You have four multiple choices in each question.
Cf: In Questions Part, you can see the uses and example sentences of the preposition if you touch the Cf button.
(4) The Effective Way of Learning Prepositions:
You will need some time to learn 300 uses of the 48 prepositions. Bear this in mind, and keep the routine work of (i) solving the questions, (ii) reading the explanations, and (iii) checking the uses. When you come across prepositions in reading English sentences, look them up for their meanings in the Classifying Part.

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