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Versus: the 2-player reflex game

퍼블리셔: Heliceum
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

Show your friends who’s the boss by being the fastest gamer!
“A fun 2-player game that becomes very soon addictive! Graphic arts are wonderful!” 5/5 Quentinbbb
- Challenge your friends on the same device in a 1vs1 duel
- Smash all the circles as fast as possible!
- The first one getting 5 rounds wins the game
Ready ? Steady ? Tap !
- Classic : Be the first to smash the unique circle.
- Several : Destroy all the circles on the screen ! Come on, Faster !
- Mitose : Smash a circle and it will divide in two. A very intense mode.
- Contagion : Destroy the unique white circle among the red ones.
- Warning : If you touch a red circle you lose the round. Ruthless !
- Order : Smash all the circles in the right order from 1 to 5. Don’t you know how to count ? You’ve lost !
- Your best time with millisecond precision
- Your average precision when you touch the screen
- Indication of your new best score with the logo « New best score ! »
/ !\ WARNING/ !\: We are not responsible for any addiction caused by this game !
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Versus (VS), the 1 vs 1 reflex game to challenge your friends by testing your reflexes, your speed and your precision in an intense duel.Challenge your friends with this unique duel game. Combine accuracy and speed in your tap in order to win the competition. Once the duel started, if your tap is not speed enough you will lose the duel. Also you will improve your tap reflexes, speed and precision thanks to a scoreboard. It will allow you to check the precision and the speed of your tap. Then you will see if you need to gain speed, precision or just improve your tap reflexes. This 1 vs 1 speed game was specially designed to allows you challenge your friends by testing your reflexes, your speed and your precision. Challenge your friends by making a 1 vs 1 duel with them. This reflex game is the only 2-player game in which you can try out your reflexes and you speed in a fun way. Versus (VS) the only intense reflex game to play with your friends.

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