Meikyo MX 2nd edition and New KANGORIN MX

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앱 설명

*On Meikyo Japanese Dictionary MX 2nd edition
・Contains approximately 64,000 words.
・Reinforces the new vocabulary such as computer-related and economic terms etc., together with new, commonly used words.
・Expands and improves the use of collocations, while also including archaic and Yamato words.
・Can research compounds, loanwords, collocations, and proverbs using headwords.
・Contains 35,000 example sentences. Shows typical usage and differentiates how to use words with many meanings through the use of example sentences.
・Contains approximately 47,000 words and phrases.
・Includes all of the JIS 1st & 2nd level kanji, which is very popular among high school students and working people.
・More than 10 basic items of information about each kanji, including how to read people’s names, difficult readings, and deciding on which kanji to use. Many idioms are included.

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