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앱 설명

One of the largest movie database in Japan that can be used on your smartphone or tablet covering more than 45,000 domestic and international movies, mainly those published in Japan between 1945 and May 2011 and also including names of 200,000 film professionals.
It allows you to easily search for film or person at the movie theater, when watching DVD, TV and VOD etc.
*Database contents
[Movie data] Title/Production Year/Release date/Commentary/Synopsis
[Staff and cast information] Name/Filmography
Back issue list of Kinema Junpo related to the film, staff and cast information (including sold out items)
This application has adopted ONESWING technology equipped with rich search capabilities at high speed.
[Headword search]
You can search the movie title or the person by "begins-with match" "full match" "partial match" and "ends-with match".
[Full-text search]
You can perform a word search in the entire text.
[Complex search]
You can search by title or person in the complex search.
In title search, you can narrow it down not just by title but by choosing domestic or international or by keyword search of production country and the production year.

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