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The Computer Mahjong

퍼블리셔: 空想科学株式会社
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

* (Default is @) Rule Description
[Progress] and the number
[Setting Rules
-Length game (against Dongfeng / @ half Zhuang / Ichisho)
· Higashihigashi once (@ on / off)
-Point has (20000 ~ @ 25000-30000)
Tobi-end (@ on / off)
· Overtime (no / top @ 30000-35000 or less)
Agari-stop (@ on / off)
Parent flow (only None / not listening / @ Dohigashi-jo / Ryuukyoku every time)
Basic Rules
• The simultaneous KazuRyo No head wings / horse / No Pao
[Role] and Dora
[Setting Rules
· Kuitan (off / on @)
· (Ban only prohibited / kind / @ there) Sort eating
One-shot (off / on @)
-Tied two transliteration (no @ / 0-10 home)
· (With Kanura / @ None None / Kanura) back Dora
Red 5 (no @ / 1/2/3/4 pictures)
Basic Rules
Ali Retrofit / No Yari Kan dark Kan
None Nagashimangan None / thirteen Futo No / person sum
· / Green color also acceptable without Hatsu giant swing None (including small wheel)
None role fully accepted by / eight consecutive Zhuang also character tile other nine gates
• No double Yakuman by waiting
(Such as thirteen face queued / single horseman thirteen orphans buried treasure)
-Big four winds single Yakuman
* (Early @) option settings
Tabletop display points (no @ Yes /)
Da tiles speed (slow @ fast / normal /)
· Tenpai guide (no @ Yes /)
Pie display that was crow (no @ Yes /)
Di model cutting mark (no @ Yes /)
Open mode (@ on / off)
- (No / Yes @) background sound
- (No / @ there) sound effects
• The volume (small / medium / large @)
-Name (@ you)
* Operation description
• When you tap the station after the end of the center console, you can see all the Dead Wall
• When you tap the other, Tepai that face down the opponent and myself can be seen all
• You can be made to skip the progression when you tap the screen the most part

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