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Escape Convenience Store

퍼블리셔: ee-line.Ltd
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Welcome to Escape Game convenience store .
This game is escape game series that can be 100% clear even for beginners because there is a two-step tips .
Convenience of the city is everywhere . I've been seam in the convenience store some reason . . . Using a variety of items microwave , Oden , emergency phone , and hot snacks , and trying to escape with the interpretation mechanism .
There are several stages of play a little bit to much spare time . This app has a content to be able to enjoy in the game escape beginner .
I can clear 100% anyone because there is a two-step tips ! At first I just open the door , but gimmicks will increase gradually .
, So we have a good just also set the difficulty level , the people and those of the weak point a little app escape game system , who escape game novice , that you have never done so much so far up to now also become the content of the game play enough we have !
Everyone , thank you very much and who have played a sister work ever!
I strive more staff so that you can enjoy to everyone in the future .
We provide a hint in this app , please try to solve on their own , if possible.

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