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Orange Squeeze

퍼블리셔: Orange Bike Labs
가격: 4.99 USD

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앱 설명

Orange Squeeze is a fast, friendly remote control for your Logitech Squeezebox family of devices.
Orange Squeeze automatically discovers and connects to your local Logitech Media Server (7.0 and higher) or the web site.
Enjoy fast browsing, available immediately with no waiting for scans or database synchronization. Full search capabilities coupled with an intuitive and fast interface make listening to music on your Squeezeboxen fun and convenient. Advanced artwork caching heuristics make for a smooth, seamless experience.
New features in 2.0 include:
- Modern UI based on the Android action bar and navigation drawer patterns.
- Grid mode for tablet-class devices. This was a long time coming, because we wanted the artwork loading to be fast and seamless on a wide variety of devices.
- The current playlist view is updated to include some convenient gestures, such as swipe-to-remove and also long-press to reorder. Overall the current playlist view is faster and more robust than before.
- Orange Squeeze will now broadcast track and player metadata, allowing consumption of track and player metadata by third-party apps.
- New track download backend that works around some issues with the previous one based on the Android download manager.
- Fully integrated and tested with Pandora, Mog, Spotify, Rhapsody, and other online services available on your Squeezebox.
Other features:
- Helpful user interface that introduces you to advanced features progressively.
- Drag and drop playlist and menu management for easy customization
- Automatically mute or pause players when a phone call is received, and optionally unmute them after you hang up.
- Use your phone’s volume keys to control your player volume.
- Works with password-protected servers.
- Control device audio synchronization so that you can enjoy music or other content throughout your home.
- Integrates cleanly and easily with the SqueezePlayer app (separate purchase required) to turn your Android device into a full-fledged music player connected to your Logitech Media Server.
- Free (and optional) access to the Orange Squeeze Beta releases!
Tested in-house on the Google Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2012). Supported on all Android devices running 2.2 and higher.

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