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AP Biology Vocabulary

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앱 설명

Improve your understanding and test your memory of important AP Biology Vocabulary with these flashcards! With over 400 questions! You are able to set timers and have the questions read aloud to you. This app is a great supplement to workshops, webinars, textbooks and PDFs! With the use of this Android application you don’t need to spend time making Flash Cards because we have done it for you. This app is perfect for high school students planning to take the AP Biology test in the future. Simple interface: Tap on the question to reveal the answer or set timers for question rotation. Turn on “voice” to hear questions read aloud to you! Instructions: Press the play button (triangle symbol) to begin! To view the answer tap the play button (triangle symbol) on the bottom right of the screen. Tap the play button (triangle symbol) again to view the next question. Use your device’s MENU button to access the settings. Thank you for the positive support, feedback, and great suggestions! If you have enjoyed the latest version of AP Biology Vocabulary, please let us know with a review!

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