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Zombie Kong 1 Platform Game

퍼블리셔: RetroRemix
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

Zombie Kong is inspired by the classic Donkey Kong but is not affiliated with the original Donkey Kong in any way.
An Evil zombie is plaguing the town of Pleasantville. The sheriff's daughters been stolen
by the horrible creature.
The sheriff dying wish is for you to take his badge, rescue his daughter along with the town and become the sheriff you were meant to be.
Out of beta testing and ready for live play!
Release date 1-7-14
*No ads
*Pause menu
*2 difficulty modes
*Save your high score
*Every 1000 points get a free life (in Normal Mode)
*Every 2000 points get a free life (in Hard Mode)
*More to come soon!
If you enjoy games like
classic Donkey Kong
Dig Dug
Missile Command
then you will love Zombie Kong.
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