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Program Management Professional (PgMP®) is a credential offered by Project Management Institute (PMI). The PgMP is a credential for those who achieve an organization objective through defining and overseeing projects and resources.
Free app version provides training with 2 chapters and quiz questions.
Complete PgMP with 6 chapters.
a)Tutorial – Quick summary notes on PgMp chapters.
b) Quiz - Exam based on randomly generated questions from our quiz bank.
Chapters List:
1 Defining the program
2 Initiating the program
3 Planning the program
4 Executing the program
5 Controlling the program
6 Closing the program
PgMp certification exam is offered by PMI®.
Prepare for PgMp anytime and anywhere.PgMp course content right at your hand.
You are welcome to share any suggestions or improvements for this PgMp Tutorial Free App.
Also,if any of the content needs to be updated , please feel free to email at
Good luck for learning your PgMp training.
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