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Sanseido Kokugo Jiten 7th edition -Sanseido Japanese-Japanese Dictionary-

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앱 설명

" Seventh edition official app SANSEIDO Japanese dictionary " is a completely revised version of the sixth edition of Best app Japanese dictionary of AppStore Amazon App Store , Apple iPhone · iPad. Been popular as the " Three Kingdoms " more than half a century from 1960 , both in history and achievements and more than 1,000 million copies of circulation , "It is one of the Japanese dictionary on behalf of Japan ." Recorded about 82,000 words as a modern language dictionary good living , interpretation of a word that is easy to understand concise is a good point in the wording of the day-to-day . "It is the dictionary that you can use a lifetime " to working people from junior high school that you edited " will be described by a , a nutshell " as "know , even in junior high school ." It is a dictionary that shows "Now , the word is , is being used widely ," based on the principle example , it has been a favorite people interested in words , the media and officials great writer . I sell it (47% OFF of the book ) 1,600 yen 3,045 yen → app [ price] book . Complete recording of 82,000 words , seventh edition [Features] SANSEIDO language lexicon , the words take advantage of the clarity and beauty of the Japanese as " vertical view " , the feeling of flipping through a paper dictionary in the " index search " biglobe dictionary app that fused the best of digital and paper finish to a dictionary of your own can taste the pleasure of a walk , every knock down or "marker memo bookmark " , refine your search candidate each to one character input such as " incremental search " is . Once you have installed , you can use it in peace offline without connecting to the net . It is an electronic dictionary application to carry and convenient to use quickly . Continued learning gap of time commuting , attending school is also effective ! To select a model that works and display correctly in actual and tablets [support OS & Tested model] , smartphone, support Android4.4 (Nexus5) to 100 models or more Nexus 7, GALAXY, and Xperia series are available in peace supports . # os_support [ biglobe comprehensive dictionary application site ] than smartphone dictionary electronic dictionary from now on . Light & Cospa also good . Biglobe dictionary app . Popular top Gotham App Store . Search for " biglobe dictionary " . For more information , Nikkei Trendy , economist . It recommends " Wisdom English-Japanese , Japanese-English dictionary ," " Daily Concise English-Japanese

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