Math with the Kangaroo

퍼블리셔: Carl Hanser Verlag
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가격: Free

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앱 설명

So math is really cool . With this app you can fine prepare you for the next kangaroo competition or just have fun at solving witty , tricky and varied tasks. And of course you can work together to solve the tasks by several players .
You have two ways to play - training and testing. For practice you can solve problems at any time pause the game and continue later without time limit .
If you do not find the right solution right away, you get a second chance , and of course you the right solution and solving the problem is then displayed.
Do you feel pretty fit , then select the test mode. Here you have to decide for a certain number of tasks and to solve there are fixed timelines . The remaining time is displayed. Your examination result, you can let you show in the overview and view by tapping on the appropriate lines the solution. Do not forget to register your score to the highscore list.

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