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Ad free version! Night Vision Camera Elite hunting night vision goggles & night vision camera! Elite hunting night vision goggles & night vision camera -- Maximizes the nighttime sensitivity of the camera lens as well as giving the user complete control of exposure compensation in order to let you take the best possible at night. Excellent for hunting, camping, military & spy applications. Share these high def night vision images with your friends using the easy share feature. Another great feature is a built in LED Flashlight torch. Allows you to easily control (turn on and off) the LED Flash on your phone to use it as an excellent flashlight tool for seeing in the dark. This is a very high quality and reliable LED flashlight DISCLAIMER: This app increases lens light sensitivity to its maximum. Since android devices do not have a real night vision/infrared sensor; for this reason it will not compare to a true professional night vision/thermal imaging device like those used by CIA, NSA, FBI, KGB, MI6 (and no apps ever will). This app does maximizes the night time potential of your android device to the maximum extent allowed by the hardware but is not perfect since these devices do not include a thermal vision sensor.

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