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GO!GO!Paint Pro

가격: Free

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앱 설명


paint sketch draw memo illustration wallpaper mail brush
A paint application you can use three layers.

An Essential item for paint, draw and sketch lovers.
GO!GO!PAINT Pro is a simple paint application enabling you to post your works to the in-app gallery.
-Sending your works by mail or Twitter, communicate with your friends.
-Posting your works to the gallery needs non specific account, interact with friends through giving & receiving likes!
- Flick with 2 fingers to move the canvas
- Pinch in or out to zoom the canvas(Max 3000%, Min 50%)
- Double tap to toggle between 100% and your preferred zoom level

- Adjust colors
- Select from 26 brushes, and adjust the size and the opacity
- Switch Brush / Spuit / Eraser
- Suck up a color on the canvas
- Three layer
- Delete a layer
- Replace layers
- Clear and fill canvas with a second color
- Undo and Redo until 10 times
- The canvas content is saved automatically and reloaded when you restart.
- Save and load a content of canvas.
- Save to external storage as a PNG image
- Send file attachments
- Post to Gallery(Entry a comment, a pen name and a tag)
Needless acquiring a specific ID
- Rotate the image when you post.
- Select from 4 app galleries
- DrawingSquare / PixelArtist / Spline / GO!GO!PAINT Pro
- Search with a comment, a pen name and a tag
- Save to external storage as a PNG image
- Popularity Vote

This application doesn't support multitasking.
Your work posted to the gallery will be released after checking.

Feedbacks from everyone is essential to make the application more
excellent in the future.
Please let me receive your opinion and request at the customers review.

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