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Spendroid - Finance Manager

퍼블리셔: flictec inc.
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 5.00 USD

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앱 설명

Spendroid is an easy-to-use, colorful and fun personal-financial app.
With 3 beautiful views - calendar, list and charts, you can easily track your incomes and expenses and save your money effectively.
It also supports your spending on credit cards, foreign currencies, multiple accounts, and etc to manage your entire money assets.
These features will help you when you travel the world or have accounts with different currencies.
You can create more effective spending logs and maybe have fun with little efforts sucn as attaching photos and memos.
Spendroid also offers many useful tools to visually analyze your spending habits including filters, filter-sets, charts and group aggregation features.
- Calendar, List and Chart views
- Easy to input with a calculator pad
- Credit card support
- Attach photo
- Theme color for each books
- Auto backup for data security
- Auto input for recursive items
- Multiple books
- Book group
- Backup to Dropbox(paid version only)
- Multiple currencies in a book, Book for specific foreign currency accounts.
- 2 level - customizable categories with a lot of pre-installed items.
Advantages on the paid version:
- No ads
- Dropbox backup
- Unlimited number of books (accounts)

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