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Pacific Fleet

퍼블리셔: Paul Sincock Ph.D.
가격: 5.99 USD

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앱 설명

Pacific Fleet: Mobile Turn-Based Naval Tactics
December 7th 1941: The Empire of Japan attacks Pearl Harbor drawing the United Stated into WWII. Rebuild the mighty U.S. Fleet and take back the Pacific. Or command the Imperial Japanese Navy and defend the conquered territories.
"It really has too much detail and logic to be dismissed as an arcade game." - Neal Stevens,
"One of six games you should have played in 2013 (but probably didn't)." - Owen Faraday,
Pacific Fleet is a fast-paced and detailed game of naval warfare between the United States and Imperial Japan set during World War II.
Stunning full 3D graphics depict the greatest war at sea
Historically based ships, aircraft, weapons and dozens of ship upgrades
A unique blend of deep strategic planning combined with quick tactical decisions
Play as the US Pacific Fleet or Imperial Japanese Navy
90 combat zones to battle through on your way to victory
Single Battle and Multiplayer Hotseat modes
Complete 44 achievements
Sink ships with realistic buoyancy physics, not with hit-point bars!
Submarine warfare and carrier operations with dive bombing and torpedo bombers
Dynamic weather, shore bombardments and night engagements
Target specific ship subsystems to sink or cripple the enemy
17 playable ships
8 playable aircraft
Random ship placement, wind, weather and night engagements make each play-through unique
No Ads. No In Apps. No Pay-to-Progress. One Price = Full Game

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