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Ghost Picture Camera Pro

퍼블리셔: Photo Art
가격: 6.00 USD

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앱 설명

Love scary stories and creepy tales? Than welcome a brand new ghost camera captures - Ghost Picture Camera! There is some horrifying stuff happening in the darkness. Reveal the powers of night just with your cell phone!
*** HOW TO PLAY ***
It’s very easy! Choose a picture or take a new photo with your cam, then add ghost stickers you like from the catalogue. Resize the stickers with your fingers and find the best place for them on the picture. See the fearful result! Save your prank pics and share them with your friends!
Have you ever seen a real ghost or zombie monster? With Ghost Picture Camera you will make everyone believe that you did! Wide range of ghosts, witches and zombies are waiting for you in our app. They are scary and will definitely make everyone scream loud!
For all fans of Halloween prank apps like scary castle and crazy sounds, we created a new photo art application that will freeze the blood in your veins! Ghost Picture Camera collage app is easy to use for teens and adults. If you want to create crazy terrifying collage with your friends and send it them, Ghost Picture Camera is what you really need.
Give the best Halloween party in the world and surprise your friends with Ghost Picture Camera. Have fun!
**This app may scary kids and is not recommended for them**

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