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Piano Tiles - Avoid The White Tile

퍼블리셔: BabyDev
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Piano Tiles is an addictive game,you should not miss.
Test your reflexes against time and movement. Test your speed and accuracy with this simple and fun game!
The play rule is the simple,but you Still need a lot of skill,Don’t step the white tile.
Tap your fingers as quickly as possible, but don't step on the white tiles.
Classic mode
Tap the start button to begin and then tap on the black blocks to follow the 50 steps toward the goal.
The quicker you tap, the faster the path moves!
Arcade mode
You have the option to display how many steps you’ve taken and if you want a countdown.
Zen mode
In this mode you have a 30 seconds to step as many times as possible.
CandleLit mode
If you miss tiles will reduce screen brightness,full of fun and challenges.
Roller mode
The new model,waiting for your challenge.

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