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Super Spider - Megapolis Adventure

퍼블리셔: Top Fun Game
가격: Free

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앱 설명

This is an appeal to all the Super Heroes of the World. Our Megapolis is ruined by the Evil Forces. No more laughter and joy, no more sunshine at streets. Only darkness and fear of being attacked. We are our only hope, find the courage and force to help us!
Super Spider — Megapolis Adventure app gives you a chance to help those desperate citizens. Use your spider power and fight with the Evil.
- Explore roofs of the highest skyscrapers;
- Jump with the help of the spider net;
- Reach secret Enemies Bases to destroy them;
Evil hides in every corner of this big city. It will be difficult to free it.
Achieve your full potential, using Spider Power and save the City with Super Spider — Megapolis Adventure app!

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