Chicago Ambulance - Sirens Gold

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앱 설명

Big, American City, famous sights, real emergency in every corner. That is Chicago, the windy
city. If you call 911 the dispatcher responds and sends you an Emergency vehicle. But this time
you'll driving that special car, called Ambulance. Saving and preserving life is one of the most
important duties of humankind, so now your driving skill will be very much needed, as in a case of
real emergency the talent, experience and composure of an emergency response vehicle driver
is very important. 911 is only the first contact, You must be driving as fast as you can to the site of
the emergency to save lives. Every 911 call is taken seriously in Chicago - that big city has a very
complicated, huge and effective emergency response „machinery”, you'll be part of it driving.
So the task is simple - after a 911 call you must be driving as quick as you can, and you must solve
the emergency. Are you prepared?

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