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앱 설명

Nurture your children's Japanese vocabulary basics with this app version of a famous Japanese Picture Dictionary.
This is a Japanese-Japanese dictionary, so no english definitions are included.
Every contents are written in Japanese hiraganas.
This is an app version of a reliable Japanese Picture Dictionary, to nurture vocabulary skills of young Japanese learners.
It also includes special features, such as "bookmarks", "sounds related to words", and "mini games".
-Use of Wi-Fi recommended-
You will be informed to download dictionary data when you first run the app.
[Features and Contents]
Japanese Picture Dictionary filled with words children use on daily basis.
Please expand the world of Japanese vocabularies together with your children.
1. Includes 2,904 Japanese words used by young children.
It is said that Japanese young children learn about 2,000 - 2,800 words by the age of six.
This dictionary picks up 2,904 Japanese words used by young children, to nurture the basis of vocabulary skills.
2. Search features to match children's curiosities.
-Index Search
With the touch of the real books, children can enjoy new words by flipping through pages.
Young children who are not capable of using keyboard interface also can use this feature.
-50 Hiragana Characters Search
You can search by tap and flipping through the 50 hiragana characters.
-Text Search
Nice and old text search interface. If you have a word you want to search quickly, please use this feature. Hiragana and katakana are both available to use.
3. Entertaining as a picture book.
To match the words with children's experiences, daily scenes are illustrated to describe each word.
The app is very friendly, entertaining as a picture book, and will expand the communication with your children.
Words that can be grouped, such as "あそび" and "おかし", are structured in one page. Related words are grouped together to inspire children's imagination.
4. Learn to use the words.
There is an example sentence attached, when it is easier to understand with an example.
By reading examples, children will catch the meaning of the words and learn how to use the words.
5. Antonyms.
An antonym is introduced after the arrow mark.
By looking up antonyms and learning the opposite meaning, children will know more about the word itself.
6. Entertaining sounds. [app only]
Entertaining sounds such as "animal sounds", "instrument sounds", and "environmental sounds" are attached to some words. By listening to those sounds together with illustrations and descriptions, children will learn more about the vocabularies.
Please use this feature when your children asked, "How do flamingos cry?"
7. Daily special bookmarks. [app only]
Children can attach cute bookmarks to words they memorized.
The design of the bookmarks changes every day!
This feature supports children's continuous language education by asking children, "What is today's bookmark like?"
In addition, by collecting bookmarks, children will earn badges.
Let your children collect all the badges by learning a lot of words each day!
8. Japanese "Last and First" mini game. [app only]
Let's brush up the skill with the Japanese "Last and First" mini game.
The game might be difficult for even adults to achieve a perfect score.
Please challenge the game with your children.

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