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Farm Craft Free

퍼블리셔: My Games Ville
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Looking for cool farm building games and are into strategy games in the cubicle world? Farm Craft Free is going to be one of your favorites!
You find yourself in an empty field - what are you going to do next? Can you turn this place into a prosperous fantasy farm town? Dive into the farm world full of exciting experiences and build the perfect city of dreaming farmer! It's so addicting to watch your beautiful gardens grow bigger! Build a house, grow fruits and vegetables, sell fruits and become the best farm builder ever!
= = = How to play = = =
Tap the screen to choose a category in the menu and start building. Build your own farm, grow beautiful flowers, fruit trees and vegetables and make a profit selling your crop. Keep an eye on the indicator of happiness of your farm - if your inhabitants are not happy, they will leave you. Don't forget about farmer Scott, who is ready to give you a piece of advice any time you ask for it.
Can you prove that you are good at developing business strategies for your farm? Try and stick with one of the most interesting arcade games Farm Craft Free. Start your intellectual adventure right now and have tons of fun!

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