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ハンバーガーやさんごっこ - お仕事体験知育アプリ

퍼블리셔: KidsStar Inc.
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 1.94 USD

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앱 설명

==== Learn! Play! An Experience! ====
==Let's pretend do Ice-cream shop!==
“Let's do pretend!! Hamburger shop!”is a new entry to the Role-playing App series where you brain-train while playing interactively!
  For any issues or comments,
please contact below.
===Application Details!===
--Make your dream hamburger with as much as 12 layers of goodness!With your hamburger, sides, and drinks, the combos you can make is limitless!
With 5 types of buns and 22 different fillings, make your dream hamburger!You can pile your hamburger high, up to 12 layers!There's 4 sides, and 6 drinks to choose from to add to your pleasing.Enjoy the 3 different categories of creating your combo to make you very own special set as many times as you want!
--We've got fun ingredients too, so try them out!
We've got fun ingredients to add that you don't see being used every day.Match them with the buns to make a sweet burger treat, or make it super meaty by making it with only meats! You can make a Chinese or Japanese style burger, and more with just an idea.Make plenty of fun and unique, one of a kind burgers with your kids!
--Learn while you play
With the making of the hamburger, sides, and drink,kids gain a broader understanding of space,learn the importance of being able to express themselves, and can nurture their imagination and sense of colors from combining various colors and flavors.
--Make your cool airplane freely
Following the building steps, kids can build an appealing and beautiful hamburger freely. This app is designed for your kids to gain fulfillment from creating an airplane by themselves.

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