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Zombie Evil 2

퍼블리셔: Feelingtouch Inc
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Introducing: Zombie Evil 2 - The next stage in the war against the undead! Kill every zombie you see!
It started with Zombie Evil, the smash hit zombie shooting game with over 15 million Android downloads and over 150,000 5 star reviews! Now, the fight continues with Zombie Evil 2! All the elements you loved from Zombie Evil plus lots of exciting new features to give you the best gaming experience.
You will enter a world far beyond your imagination with a huge variety of zombie enemies and challenging gameplay. There are over 50 different weapons and devices waiting for you to collect! Test yourself through 300 expertly designed levels and save the world from the zombie infestation.
Let's take a look at some of our users' reviews of Zombie Evils.
Over 100,000 5-Stars reviews!
1.So addictive!!! This game is amazing, it's so addictive and easy to play as well... Who doesn't like shooting zombies?!!! -sidharth suresh 5-Stars
2.Best noble zombie killing game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Stephen McCal 5-Stars
3.Love everything about the game, the levels, the upgrades, weapons. -Jesus Ferrer 5-Stars
4.This is a cool game, one of the best so far though I just started playing it a day ago everything works good, it helps pass time fast. I can't stop playing, ignoring my calls just to continue play. Thanks for the producer of this game. Its great fun. -Alonzo Hoggard 5-Stars
5.Fun and a great way to kill time and zombies -Ashley Snell 5-Stars
6.this is the best game ever its so addictive do you think you can put some super weapons like the ray gun or something like that please -Alex Butters 5-Stars
--Yes,I'm sure you can find what you want in this new game.
7.Great fun zombie defence game, expect hours of gameplay! -Richard Gledhill 5-Stars
Zombie Evil 2 - Features:
Free to Play
Collect different weapon types and upgrade them for more features and firepower!
Research innovative devices that can be used to your advantage on the battlefield.
Acquire and improve new combat skills.
Explore unknown territory and discover over 40 different types of zombies.
Battle nature, as well as the zombies, by fighting in different weather conditions.
Invite SNS friends to join you in battle.
And much, much more!
If you have any suggestions about the game, or if you've encountered any problems, please contact us:
Note: Zombie Evil 2 is an online game and so a network connection is required to play.

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