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앱 설명

MUBI is world’s most dynamic online cinema. The MUBI application for Amazon Fire TV brings members an amazing selection of great cinema in the comfort of their own home.
• If you are not a MUBI member, you can download the app for free, sign up for MUBI and start enjoying the best of cinema on your Amazon Fire TV immediately.
• A MUBI membership brings you great cinema for one low monthly fee. Plus when you sign up for a year you get an even better deal.
• Continue watching where you left off on your computer or mobile devices. Plus, when you use the MUBI app for iPad, iPhone and Android you can download and save films for watching offline.
• Join the passionate MUBI community at - share your cinematic discoveries and experiences with your followers, create lists of your favourite films and rate, review or recommend the films you love (and hate).
If you have any problems, comments or suggestions for improving our app, please contact us at
Full terms of use can be found at
Full privacy policy can be found at

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