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Baby Hazel Christmas Time

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앱 설명

Kids can play Baby Hazel Christmas Time game for free.
Christmas time is here again. Darling Baby Hazel has thrown a Christmas party for her friends. She is also eagerly waiting for Santa and his gifts. Baby Hazel has lots of activities to complete for the Christmas party before her friends arrive. Help Baby Hazel to decorate Christmas tree and then play with the little kids in the snow. Also help her to make a beautiful Christmas cake and finally join them in their merrymaking on the Christmas night.
Level 1:
Baby Hazel is busy decorating home for the Christmas Party. Her friends may drop by any time by now. Can you help her complete the decoration before her friends arrive?
Controls: Use mouse to interact with Baby Hazel and her friends.
Level 2:
Baby Hazel and her friends want to play in the snow. As they are too young, they need someone to take care of them during their snow play. Help them to make snow man and also be with them while they play different snow games.
Level 3:
Time flies when you are having fun. It is almost evening and the Christmas cake is not ready. Help Baby Hazel in decorating Christmas cake before it gets late. Santa Claus is awaited any time by now to have a blast with these little kids.
Level 4:
It is time for merrymaking. Baby Hazel and her friends along with Honey Bunny and little Katy are waiting for uncle Santa and his gifts. Be with them while they enjoy Christmas feasts and party with them on this Christmas night.

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