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Baby Hazel Halloween Crafts

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앱 설명

Kids can play Baby Hazel Halloween Crafts game on Amazon Kindle device.
Wow! Tomorrow is Halloween crafts making day at Baby Hazel’s preschool. Teacher has asked kids to bring Halloween crafts to decorate their classroom. Let us prepare our darling Hazel for the day. Firstly, help her to make Halloween crafts and design a Halloween costume. Then, join her to decorate the classroom with Halloween crafts. Finally, there is a crafts competition for the little kids. Cheer up Hazel in the competition so that she completes her craft work within given time. Have fun filled craft time with Hazel.
This game has 4 levels and described below.
Level 1
Yippee! Baby Hazel needs to prepare for the Halloween crafts making day. She has to wear fancy costumes and bring Halloween crafts to the school. Can you help little princess in making some creative crafts? Baby Hazel also needs your help in designing Halloween costumes. Attend all the demands of Hazel to keep her happy.
Level 2
Time to get ready for the school! Wake up Baby Hazel with gentle touch and give her a refreshing shower. Dress up her in Halloween costumes and accessories on time or else she may get late for the competition. Oh no! Hazel's craft work is still pending. Help little angel in completing her pending craft work on time.
Level 3
Great! Baby Hazel has reached her school on time. Help her in decorating the class with crafts and create a perfect ambiance of Halloween. Be with little angel to fulfill all her needs.
Level 4
It is time to start with Halloween craft competition. Teacher has asked to make creative Halloween crafts using available supplies and the time limit is 30 minutes. Let us see what unique Hazel crafts within given time frame. Fulfill her needs on time so that she wins the competition by making a creative craft.

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