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SuperCleaner Phone Booster

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가격: Free

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앱 설명

SuperCleaner, most easy to use Android phone booster for you to clean junk files, reclaim storage, boost memory, manager autostart and preinstalled apps. With Antivirus build in, SuperCleaner can protect your device against vulnerabilities and malicious apps.
Features about SuperCleaner Phone Booster& Antivirus
Junk files clean:
Removes system cache, apps cache files and temporary files just by one click!
Autostart manager
Manage Autostart items. You can disable or uninstall app runs at phone boot or background to speed up your Android devices.
Phone speed up
Delete background&startup apps to speed up your Android phone.
Pre-installed apps remove
Remove useless pre-installed apps, free up memory for your Android phone to boost your phone.
Privacy protect
Safely erase your sensitive privacy information to protect your privacy.
SuperCleaner scan Android system, user-installed and pre-installed apps to keep your device safe from trojans, vulnerabilities, viruses, adware and spyware.
Supported Languages
English, Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese.
Want to help in our localization efforts? Please contact us via email, thanks for your kindly help!
System Requirement
Android OS 2.2 and above

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