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Can you make it to the million? Play "Millionaire 2014 - Français" now - the free app for all ages! Check your knowledge by answering over 2000 questions of various topics such as: Computer & Technology, Food & Drink, Film & TV, Foreign Words, Geography, History, Art & Literature, Music, Politics & Economy, sports, words & quotes, animals & plants. Compare yourself to your freinds on our online leaderboard! • Online highscores (hourly, daily, all-time) - duel yourself with other players around the world! • more than 2000 questions on various topics • audience Joker, phone joker and 50:50 joker as in the original • Ask a Celebrity for advice, if you do not know the answer Have fun with "Millionär Quiz - 2014"! This is an unofficial app. The developers are in no relation to the original or its developers.

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