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FlowBen's Music Trivia

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앱 설명

Join FlowBen in a music trivia journey whose unique polish sets it apart from other trivia games that you've played. You are presented four different eras of trivia to pick from, and the environment of the game changes in each era. Questions are multiple choice, fill in the blank, and true/false. After you answer a question, FlowBen provides an additional "factoid" of information that relates to the question's subject matter.
In the 1950's 1960's era, FlowBen dons a black leather jacket and white tee in the style of The Fonz, backgrounded by an old-timey diner and surf music. He'll ask you questions about groups ranging from the Beatles to the Supremes.
In the 1970's/1980's era, FlowBen rocks an afro that would make Questlove jealous. The theme is disco and he'll talk to you about the Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, and more.
Next up is the 1990's era, where in the true grunge style of the era FlowBen rocks sweet flannel, has long hair and a beard, and asks you about everything from Rappers like 2Pac to alt-rock bands like Pearl Jam.
Lastly, in the New Millenium era, FlowBen grabs his iPod and turntables and asks you all about the music since 2000 - we're talking Taylor Swift, Kanye, Justin Timberlake, and more.
Each era is broken into multiple episodes. Each episode has a corresponding Game Circle achievement if you're able to score $1,000,000 on the level. Earning those achievements also puts a record on the wall in one of FlowBen's music rooms.

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