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Email for Gmail

퍼블리셔: ManMadeWebsApps
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

NEW UI with swipe gestures. Auto hide the app bar Animation for full screen Download attachment with options or apps you like to download (default browser or any browser) Bugs fixed, no lagging Full screen mode for better use of the screen space Adds free. Thanks for being patient with US. Please review after update.
Email for Gmail (Google Email) App, is a third-party mobile application Sync for Gmail Email, Calendar and Google Drive. This App is a third-party Gmail web-client app to login to Gmail or website made by Google.
Also Access google plus, Photos, calendar and more form google
It's an easy and quick way to access to your Gmail using this App. You can receive and send mails by Gmail using this app.
Describe the experience your app gives:
What are you waiting for? Download this app to enjoy your Gmail on Phone!
• When you login your account, you can see your Mail list…
• Touch the screen to zoom in or zoom out, you can read/reply/reply all/send/delete/move/label/Spam your mails
• Also Access Calendar and Google Drive
• Access Calendar and much more.
• Get all Features of with this app
Support at only
Note : This app is not Official gmail app, this is third party app

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