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Baby Hazel Garden Party

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앱 설명

Kids can play Baby Hazel Garden Party game on Amazon Kindle.
Hurrah! Baby Hazel has decided to host a Garden Party for her friends. As she is too young, she needs someone to help her in setting up everything for the party. Can you be of little angel’s help? First of all help Hazel to send party invitation to her friends. Then dress up our princess in beautiful costume and accessories and make sure all arrangements for the party are done. Later, join Baby Hazel and friends to enjoy fun activities and games.
* Plan & host the perfect garden party with Hazel
* Hazel has planned cute surprises for the garden party...
* Enjoy gardening, feast on barbeque chicken, play Dance Spin game
This game has 3 levels as described below.
Level 1:
Yippee! Let us begin preparations for the garden party. As a first thing, help Hazel to send invites to her friends. Then dress up our princess in beautiful flower-print costume and accessories. Keep Baby Hazel happy by paying heed to all her needs.
Level 2:
Baby Hazel and her friends are all set to have lots of fun at the party. Help them play some games and see who the winner among them is. Keep little kids happy by fulfilling their needs on time.
Level 3:
Isn’t it fun to be with Baby Hazel and her friends? Let us keep them happy and smiling throughout the party. Help them to grill barbecue snacks and also fulfill their needs while planting flower pots. Eat yummy snacks and have fun playing Dancing Spin game with them.

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