Icon Pack White Circle

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앱 설명

Themer Icon Pack
Icon packs are always the best way to customize your Android
devices look. Keep your device looking fresh with our
custom designed iconpack "White Circle".
Over 1000+ custom designed icons
XHDPI (This varies greatly on your devices screen resolution!)
We actively update our icon packs.
New icons are added monthly.
Users can submit icon requests.
Supported Launchers:
Themer by MyColorScreen
Icon Changer free/pro
Next Launcher 3d
Atom Launcher
Solo Launcher
Smart Launcher
Nova Launcher
Apex Launcher
(Please note all icon packs are tested with the above launchers for quality. These icon packs may work with other
launchers but have not been tested).
Google Now Launcher is not compatible as it does not support icon packs. We recommend Nova, Apex or Themer.
1. Download a custom launcher such as (Themer, Icon Changer, Next Launcher, Atom, Solo, Smart, Nova or Apex)
2. Select the single icon you would like to change. Choose "Edit" and Select the Icon you would like changed.
3. Enjoy!
Please send themer icon questions or requests to [droidapps@outlook.com]

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