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Moneydrop - the official game

퍼블리셔: Playsoft
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Playsoft, Endemol and eTF1 present you the OFFICIAL mobile game from the famous TV show ‘Money Drop’.
Please note: we advise you to play on devices with at least 512 Mo of RAM
> ‘From the TV to the app: While TF1 offers tonight [August 9th] a new prime time of Money Drop, fans of the famous show hosted by Laurence Boccolini can now extend their experience by downloading the dedicated app’ (Le Parisien – Augiuts 2nd, 2014)
> ‘Good design, easy to master, we dive into the game very fast… And we don’t hesitate to start a new game. To sum up, a nice app and very close the show’ (Télé – July 22nd, 2014)
> ‘It’s a good plan for the beach, the rides. We don’t get bored… and we can wait for the comeback of Money Drop on TF1 for September 2014’ (Nouveautés Médias - July 18th 2014)
With Money Drop, you will live great moments of tension, suspense and emotion. It’s exactly as if you were on the famous TV show! Your job: answer series of 8 questions and save 250 000€. But you can lose everything at any moment… Will you handle the pressure and be able to keep your money?
Money Drop, the official mobile game will put you under pressure! Play a contestant of the show, and challenge the trapdoors in a merciless fight.
Choose the themes of your questions, bid on the right answer, keep an eye on the timer (with more time to bid with this new version!) and reach the Grand Finale. But be careful… You can lose your money at any moment because the trapdoors of Money Drop are pitiless.
Take a look: on the “Fiction or reality” theme, how much will you bid on “Which one of these characters have never existed?” Will you bid 250 000€ on Sinbad, Cyrano, Croesus or Buffalo Bill?
Discover Money Drop, the official mobile game:
- 4 trapdoors which won’t forgive you any mistake
- Series of 8 questions and some of them will shudder you
- 50 wads of 5 000€ to put on the right trapdoor. Your deduction mind will be in charge!
- Tenth of funny and unique themes to test your knowledge.
- Thousands of varied questions you will discover within the game and other to buy for more fun
- ‘All or Nothing’ to risk: try it and if you succeed it you can jump over a question
- Time bonus to increase your time of answer. But you don’t have a lot of them, use them wisely
- Challenges to win if you want to become the Big Boss of Trappers
- Best scores to publish
- Friends to challenge
- Millions of virtual euros to cumulate if you want to make the robbery of the century
- Billions of seconds full of adrenaline. You had never lived something like this before!
Having any problem or suggestion? You need our help to save your 250 000€? We would love to hear from you! Don't hesitate to reach our support at
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