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Pocket Burraco

퍼블리셔: Nuova Eureka s.r.l.
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: 3.61 USD

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앱 설명

Finally arrives on your smartphone the real game of Buraco!
Pocket Burraco is the new software that allows you to play Buraco games in singles and couples against a well-programmed and finally competitive AI, which poses a level of challenge even for most expert players.
Pocket Burraco takes full advantage of the resources provided by the Android OS and the technology of smartphones: the graphics are well done with attention to detail, the cards even though small in order not to completely cover the table, remain visible even when long games have been played on the table. Even the animation of the cards are very smooth and appealing.
The professionalism with which the softeware was made is already apparent in the introduction, with the logo of the game that stands out on the green felt of the table, the soundtrack is very catchy, that never fails; the music is replaced by the sound effects of the cards during the game and a chorus of voices jubilant or disappointed at the end of the game, if you win or lose (and against the Pocket Burraco's AI you can actually lose!).
Everything is easily manageable via the touch screen of the mobile device, which proves to be a great tool to select cards, play them or link them to games already on the ground; everything is very intuitive, but if you have difficulty, a practical tutorial is included with the software.
There are in fact different options to the game: you can choose games at 1005 points, 2005 points and at 1, 3 or 5 hands, without forgetting the level of difficulty (easy, medium, hard) and much more.
The highlight of the game remains the high level of artificial intelligence, which will give a hard time to buraco players(especially in difficult).
Try Pocket Burraco, to have on hand, again, the game buraco!
- CPU very competitive in 3 difficulty levels offered;
- Technical construction and excellent graphics;
- Immediate and addictive gameplay

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