Party Cats in Glitter Hats Slots

퍼블리셔: Beats 'n' Bobs
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가격: 1.25 USD

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앱 설명

Try your luck with this fun and crazy casino slot machine for fans of cash, cats, parties and hats. Lots of special feline themed mini slot games, features and sound effects with glittery HD graphics.
Crazy party cats in hats slots + glittery feline themed games and pussy prizes
• Latest tongue-in-cheek cat & kitten theme slot machine with a humorous edge .
• Features Party Cats in Hats!
• "Krazy Cat Mouse Killer"
• "Hungry Cat in a Hat"
• "Black Cat in a Hat Cash Walk"
• Big Wild Lion Cat in a Hat
• Lucky Glitter Cat bonus
• HUNGRYCAT: Spin the bowl to win a prize for Hungry Cat in a glitter Hat!
• CATWALK: Stroke the little pussy cat to start the cat walk and claw massive prizes!
• MOUSECATCHER: Catch the mice with your twitchy paw for free spins!
• Extra bonus games reveal more prizes
• Golden glitter cats and cash bonuses
• Super Progressive Pussy Pot Jackpot Puurrrrrize.
• Pussy Pot Jackpots Keeps on Rolling over.
• Touch the paw to spin
• Classic 5x3 reels slot play.
• Up to 9 Payout lines for 9 lives.
• Five Of A Kind Feature !
• Big Wild Lion Symbols on all reels..
• Variable betting stakes per line.
• Auto-Spin Reels.
• Help screens and pay wall.
• Reset from start option to start from scratch & receive new credits any time.
• Crazy kitty cat themed sound effects and funny music featuring kittens.
• Animated vibrant symbols.
• Last Win displayed
• Welcome Purr Bonus Prize
• Daily Meow Bonus Prize
• Random Reels each new app start gives you new reels each time.
• The best casino Party cat with hat slot machine

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