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Puzzle fun with Princess Lillifee

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앱 설명

It's a happy day for each and every fairy friend! That's because the new puzzle game with Princess Lillifee and her friends is here! The players can accompany the little fairy on her magical adventures and solve lots of great puzzles along the way.
# Great gaming fun with Princess Lillifee!
# Lovingly drawn puzzle pictures!
# Long-lasting puzzle fun with lots of levels and scenes!
# Child-friendly look and easy to use!
Every fairy friend can now join Princess Lillifee and solve all kinds of magical puzzles. The faster you solve the puzzles, the more stars there are as a reward. Of course, things don't stay as easy as they are to start with: the difficulty increases with each correctly solved puzzle and only the really smart fairies will be able to manage the final puzzles!
Lillifee's friends are all there too, of course: explore fairy castle gardens, play fun games and make new friends together with Cindy, Clara and Pupsy!
The new game with Princess Lillifee is tons of fun for each and every fairy friend! With child-friendly, intuitive controls, it offers varied gameplay and great puzzle designs. Just swipe to move pieces around. Tap on a puzzle piece and it rotates clockwise, so you can start puzzling right away!
The picture book scenes used in the game are lovingly drawn and illustrated. Each new level has a new theme to marvel at: whether it's the friends staging a circus or experiencing magical adventures together – it's all there. It's guaranteed to never get boring!

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