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Great War Adventure

퍼블리셔: Les chemins de Phil et Lou
가격: 1.98 USD

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앱 설명

In a peaceful village of the Loire Valley, everything is quiet, when suddently... the alarm bell of the church is ringing. The war begins. Help Marcel and his family to go through the war from the mobilization in 1914 to the armistice in 1918.
Discover all along the aventure, the most important moments of the war : dive into the trenches, defend a military position, discover ww1 planes or visits hospitals.
The game is divided in few phases : point'n click, shoot and different kind of riddles.
This adventure is also an educational game, a serious game. All along the aventure, discover explanations with photos. There is also a complete educational part in to discover even more this terrible war.

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