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앱 설명

With a powerful multimedia playback engine + search engine, support pioneer link xfplay://and multi-streaming, live, on-demand arrangement. Universal multimedia player running on the Android system. Universal playback With superior format and codec capability, full support for all currently popular audio and video formats. Super decode function Hardware-accelerated mode, normal mode, smooth mode switch. support for the latest ARM CPU NEON instruction set. Online play and powerful search functions Xfplay,RTSP,http,MMS and other streaming media, on-demand and live broadcast protocol support. Powerful search functions, let you find the audio and video files. Flat glass interface The system theme, and changing the background change. Glass plate playlist and control bar. Sliding screen hand gesture sliding up and down left screen adjust the brightness. Right screen slide adjust the volume up and down. About full screen slide control progress. Multi language Xfplay, now has 37 interface language packs, support almost all of the country. According to the installed system to automatically switch between different languages.

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