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Parchis Fun

퍼블리셔: Toro Games S.L
평점: 평점이 없음
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Torofun brings you the best classic Parchis APP (with the Spanish rules), where you will play against IA or against thousands of online players
With Parchis Fun you can play for free this classic game with your friends or alone. This the classic game is based on the Indian game Parchisi. And not only that, with Parchis Fun you will be part of Torofun’s games community where you will be able to make new friends from around the world, chat with them in public or in private, customize your avatar, win experience points for playing and use them in your avatar on other classic games like Bingo Fun, Roulette Fun, Dominoes Fun or Trivia Fun.
The game play is Parcheesi classic style, with Spanish rules:
4 players, red, yellow, green, blue
Play with 4 pieces
Create barriers, kill other pieces, dice magic number and get all your pieces home, be the first and win!
But, Why Parcheesi Fun and no other? Because with Parcheesi Fun you will become part of Torofun community, where you will meet players like you ready to have a good time playing our family of classic games and competing against people from all over the world looking forward to test their strategic skills with you.
After you create an account, vlaid for all games of Torofun , you will enter the start menu. Your first mission will be to play on the slot machine, which will appear daily when you enter the game. With it, you can get absolutely free Toros every day. You don’t know what Toros are? They are the currency of all ToroFun games! With them you can buy items in the in-store shop and clothing for your Avatar... so don’t forget to get your daily Toros by clicking the ACCEPT button in order to collect the prize!
Now that you're about to play, you can start exploring every corner of the game. There are four main sections: to the left, your Profile (your avatar, achievements, ranking, experience points, friends and a long etc.), the Shop (to customize your avatar), Notifications (where you'll receive messages from the community, your friends, or reminders of your own activity), and "Friends, where you can "meet" them:
Inside your Profile, you'll find all your information (your level, experience points, language), Ranking and achievements: Check your position in the ranking, see how many achievements you've completed, and many many more!
The Shop is the place that everyone MUST visit: you can change your hair, hair and skin colour, put yourself a beard, change your clothe... customize your avatar with whatever you can imagine. Become who you wish to be!
In Notifications you'll see everything that happens around you: your achievements, level ups, if you got friendship requests... and plenty of other things.
In the Friends section, you can send new friednship requests yourself, visit your friends profiles, know if they're playing at that specific moment and what, chat with them, etc!
In the top-right corner you'll find the configuration options, including joining your account to Facebook and become VIP.
And last, but not least, you can ALWAYS find the chat in the bottom, to speak with anyone you want in Torofun.
Have FUN!

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