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Calm Galaxy

퍼블리셔: DigitalX
가격: 0.99 USD

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앱 설명

Calm Galaxy brings to you the view of galaxies that you can see on your screen all the time. It is a relaxing view of beautiful galaxies taken from the outer space to calm down your environment.View the lights full of illuminating stars that shine on you bringing you the views of nature that you have never seen before. This app has two view the one with the numerous tiny stars that are shinning surrounded by the cluster of light patterned and blending creating an eye catching view. You can also use default sounds or add custom music in the background (only on Kindle Fire) to modify your environment just as you like, it creates the best ambiance to enjoy with your family and friends. Download the app on your Fire Tvand add a source of beautyto your living room without even wasting any extra money or space.

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