HyakuninIsshu FirstKaruta

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앱 설명

2012 edition Kindle Fire, apps Kindle Fire HD has been revised a bug that does not start.
I've put you to inconvenience. (2015/01/14)
+ Introduction of menu
I get used to Karuta
In order to not feel to click the enormous amount of 100 neck, it was divided into smaller groups.
In this menu, purpose is to touch Hyakunin all neck.
One group and "character", "means", "sound", "determines letter" "testing ground", repeatedly repeated
You Yuki adapt the song to the body.
Song from the description, ranging in paraphrasing, because all is provided with Yomi is, can be read Hiragana
And if children, you play to concentrate alone.
If you know the meaning of the song, it is no longer 's meaning unknown spell.
Well as understand yet difficult to love and pessimism in children, in an easy-to-understand, we are represented by short words.
Were aware of the mother, we read aloud a song with a gentle woman of real voice.
Ask the person of vocalists, was for ease of listening.
In the correct Japanese, it is clear pronunciation.
Determined character is knowledge necessary to Karuta up. The large difference in the not stomach as know.
You can big success in Karuta up. By all means, let's remember.
It can be confirmed to remember was tag, test their skills. Karuta is up.
App cat character of the opponent, When all neck, the bills take, mission, is clear.
Chamamé and play
Chamamé the cat character of this app.
Strength of Chamamé, number of tags of place, such as how to read the bills, I can variously set.
And maintain the motivation to learn bills.
Sengoku continued unbroken from age, timeless game "Karuta up"!
I got to take a lot in karuta up!
Only thing that I know the strength, will be above all of encouragement.
But disappointed when the other party is not.
Even busy mom, impossible to make early time to the other party.
Such time, leave it to this app!
Even if not win the beginning, while you're doing fun, because so more and more take, and interesting!
Determined character early memorization
Ticketing remember the determined character to the left, just send to the right the bills you do not remember still.
With a simple operation, you have come out repeatedly only bill you do not remember is.
Gradually, because will become less, there is a challenging, fun!
After one cleared, in another menu Chamamé the game, let's play!
To be able to realize that ability is attached, that motivation is to double, is guarantee.
Yomifuda appears, I will read the song.
To hear many times, you will be remembered from the ear.
101 neck of voice, including the Joka of competition karuta Contains.
There is a shuffle function.
If there is a tag of your hand to Karuta, the voice of this app in the reader, you can Jeu de cartes as hand everyone takes.
Flushed Tags
Look at the only up bills written Shimonoku, you can remember how to check the determined character of Kaminoku.
Since I was a little familiar, please use.
I can also be used to practice the competition karuta.

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