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Prom Queen Salon

퍼블리셔: TNN Game
가격: Free

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앱 설명

Make this prom queen more gorgeous!Play this spa salon game and it launch a new feeling!All nice makeups and costumes for the prom will be satisfied with you.
After Christmas and New Year, this prom queen salon game is a first and fresh game to show you. Different layout,graphics and three handsome boys will take you new fresh energies.
In the facial spa room, you can wash and dry the hair for the prom queen,is it very nice? Never got this enjoyment before? Don't worry, game is all free-go to try it. Then makeup and dressup your queen with nice and more gorgeous gowns. Three boys with different style, which one is your favorite? Which one will you want your queen go to dating with him? That's depend on you! Three backgrounds to choose!
-A long street with beautiful scene
-beautiful prom girl
-three handsome boys
-more nice makeups
-many gorgeous gowns and jewelries
-different layout and feeling from old salon games
If you like this salon game, don't hesitate to share with your friends!Later,more and more salon game will be launched.

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