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Antimalware (Malware Removal)

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앱 설명

The best Anti-malware Malware removal real-time protection technology has now gone mobile! Antimalware (Malware Removal) for mobile real-time protects your phone or tablet from malware, infected apps, and unauthorized surveillance.
Malware removal AntiMalware Pro has following features
• Antimalware (Malware Removal) completely protect your device secure from malware
• Always in action - This Anti-malware always runs a real-time shelter on your phone, protects it and keep it in shape.
• Daily dose - We always keep this Antimalware 2015 (Malware Removal) up-to-date, all malware, spyware and trojan can methods and database are updated daily to keep track of any new malicious software.
• Detects and eliminates malware, including spyware and Trojans
• Scans your apps for malicious code
• Stops unauthorized access to your personal data
• Scans your Android device for security vulnerabilities
• Identifies applications that are tracking your location
• Perfectly working on any device & tablet
• Minimum system resources & ram memory required
Take your anti-malware protection to go
Antimalware (Malware Removal) guards your identity and personal data on-the-go. So you and your Android smartphone or tablet are safe from malware and unauthorized surveillance. Wherever you are. Whenever you go.
Make your smartphone smarter
Is that app or downloaded photo safe? With Antimalware (Malware Removal) Mobile, you never have to worry again. Powerful anti-malware and anti-spyware real-time protection technology protects your Android device. Detecting Trojans, spyware, and other malware before they can steal your identity or eavesdrop.
Close the security holes
Antimalware (Malware Removal) automatically recognizes security vulnerabilities in your Android device’s settings. Then it makes recommendations on how to close those holes.
Make your smartphone lighter
Mobile security software is typically overloaded with location features (Remote Lock, Locate on a Map, etc.). These features can already be found in your Android Device Manager—why duplicate them? Antimalware (Malware Removal) preserves your device’s performance by adding only the necessary security features.
Anti-Malware (Detecting Spyware, trojan,...)/Malware Removal
• Scans applications and files for trojan, malware and spyware
• Scans native memory and SD card
• Schedules automatic scans
• Scans automatically when files or apps are accessed (real-time) or only when activated manually (on-demand)

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