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앱 설명

We proudly present the official app for the Show with the Mouse to you!
Explore the Mouse World interactively
Join the Mouse on its way through its world and keep exploring new things by tapping on the various items with your finger. Find some bats, switch on the light in the tunnel, marvel at a "hatted" lighthouse, let birds fly, or blow up some blowfish. Whether on or under water, whether on the beach, on a skateboard or in the mountains: with a touch of your finger you can decide how fast the Mouse is crossing its world. Besides, if you tap the Mouse, it will also jump up, perform a handstand, sniff, or do other funny little tricks. You can find all the content of the MouseApp in the different parts of the Mouse World.
Get quick access to the MouseContent
If you want to get quick access to any particular content, a simple touch of the navigation button in the top right hand corner of the screen will take you straight to the main menu and to the different offerings.
Latest MouseShow
In the MouseCinema, the Elephant and the Duck have already made themselves comfortable with some popcorn to watch the latest two episodes of the Show with the Mouse. Sign language versions of both episodes are also available.
Educational film shorts and cartoons
The Mouse will pick loads of little films from the Show with the Mouse out of the sky for you. You can also filter them by educational film shorts, cartoons and short Mouse clips.
Current issues
When will the next "Door Opener-Day" of the Show with the Mouse take place? When will there be a new Mouse Show Special? Which country will Ralph visit next for the Show with the Mouse? – With this app, you will never miss any Mouse news again.
Photo booth
With the Mouse's photo booth, you can take a photo of yourself and decorate it, for example, with the Elephant's trunk, the Duck's bill or the Mouse's ears. In addition, you can put your photo on the wall of the MouseCinema.
In the Mouse Pipeline Game, sixty tricky challenges await you. Connect two or more pipes and pay attention to the colours, obstacles and the given pipe parts.
In the Mouse Wakeboarding Game, the Mouse is wakeboarding, pulled along by the Elephant. With this game, you can show how good your reactions are. By tapping the screen, you can jump over buoys and obstacles; arrows will show you how far you got last time. Naturally, your score and the high score are displayed.
The Mouse 1,2,3 game is played in pairs. You have to put cards with short picture stories in the right order. Speed is the order of the day, otherwise your opponent will have a head start.
Write to the Mouse
If you tap the message in a bottle, you can send an email to the MouseTeam. If you have any questions, we will try to answer them as soon as possible!
We are very pleased that the MausApp was nominated for the Grimme Online Award 2015. Besides, it was awarded the Children’s Software Award TOMMI 2015 (third prize in the category “Best Apps”), and it also won the GIGAMAUS 2015 prize for the best reference program. In addition, the MausApp was awarded the “Gold Award” by the website “”, and it was also voted “App of the Day” by the computer magazine CHIP. Last but not least, the MausApp won the “MobileTech Award 2015”.

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