Dungeon Legends RPG

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앱 설명

Based on classic RPG dungeon crawler games, Dungeon Legends RPG takes You for an adventure located in gloomy 3d fantasy underground environement. This dynamic action RPG game uses high-quality 3d graphics engine and requires device with Android 2.33 or higher.
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Find Your way through the maze of dungeons full of dangerous creatures, helpful items, puzzles and secrets. Collect armor and weapons, kill fantasy monsters standing on Your way, develop RPG features and magical abilities of Your character. You'll need all of it and good luck to survive here. Game draws the best of classic RPG titles like Eye of the Beholder, Dungeon Master, Stonekeep, Black Crypt or recently Legend of Grimrock.
Game features:
- high quality 3d graphics
- dark atmosphere enhanced by a gloomy soundtrack
- 12 levels of dungeons
- 3 different locations
- 14 types of enemy creatures
- 64 types of items
Game tips:
- save game using fountains scattered in the dungeons!
- learn spells from spellbooks that can be found in the maze
- move during combat to avoid enemy attacks
- check the walls for secrets
- torches have limited life span. When one goes out, use another
- make good use of the items You find
Minimum requirements:
single core processor 1Ghz, RAM memory: 1Gb
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