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Baby Hazel Dolphin Tour

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앱 설명

Get ready for an unforgettable dolphin tour with Baby Hazel! Meet magnificent dolphins and enjoy amazing tricks played by them. Dolphin tour lets you swim, dance and play with lovable dolphins.
Mom and dad gives a surprise holiday treat to Baby Hazel. Darling Hazel along with her family visits Dolphin Park to explore delightful world of dolphins. Let’s join Hazel to interact with dolphins and enjoy amazing show of these playful creatures. Enjoy playing with dolphins and learn interesting facts related to them. Enjoy exotic dolphin tour with Baby Hazel!
• Baby Hazel and her family are excited to explore the Dolphin Park. Oh! But there is still some time for the entry. Can you keep darling Hazel and her cousin, Ashley busy in fun-filled activities so that they do not get bored?
• Join Hazel to explore marine aquarium teemed with dolphins and other aquatic species. It’s fun to see Baby Hazel playing a trick with adorable dolphin.
• Time to watch dolphin’s show! It’s great to see dolphins dancing and playing with various props. Fulfill the needs of Hazel to keep her happy during the show.
• Superb! Dolphin trainer is impressed with Hazel. She takes kids along to interact with her dolphins. Let’s join Hazel to play with these incredible creatures.

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