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Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise

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앱 설명

Baby Hazel Reindeer Surprise is all the fun of owning a baby Reindeer as a pet right in your hands.
This little fawn is your new virtual pet.
Santa Clause needs you to adopt this Baby Reindeer and take care of her with Baby Hazel.
Feed her, play with her, make her sleep...!
Game Features:
• Adopt your reindeer, take care of her and watch it play! She's so cute!
• Adore your pet, brush and polish her nose; just the way you want!
• Feed Baby Reindeer with spinach or even sandwich for a treat! Yummy!!
• Also, Play Hide & Seek and read exciting bed time stories to her!
Are you ready for your Baby Reindeer this winter?
If you succeed you are definitely a responsible kid who loves animals very much. Good Luck!
The game has been designed for both Android Smartphone and Tablet.

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